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Monday 1 February 2016

Exoscale - Keep your Data Private from "US Patriot Act" & Get all of the services you can get from a modern Cloud Vendor

BroadTech's featured cloud vendor for the day is

Exoscale is one of the most RELEVANT cloud vendors in recent times. As experts start calling for locating cloud services & Data centres outside US to escape unlawful surveillance on your Data, Exoscale's initiatives to build their data centre in Switzerland is a very welcome decision. If you really want to know the implications of this strategic choice of this change Data Centre location policy please listen to this Ted Talk below and be please be informed before it is too late!

Getting your Data out of US and few other countries where US intelligence conduct unlawful surveillance is of prime importance if you are concerned about privacy of your Data. Below is a chart Mr. Snowden leaked telling the world when the US Cloud companies and other Corporations were compromised and the data they held came under surveillance.

You can read about Exoscale's Data Centres, Infrastructure considerations and other details below.

Another interesting feature of Exoscale is that they have a Cloud Storage Service similar to AWS S3 and you could use AWS S3 compatible API to access the storage service offered by Exoscalemaking migration from AWS S3 to Exoscale Storage Service seamless.

That is not all there is. Exoscale has several other goodies like
Now that you have heard this much about Exoscale there is one more good news I need to say. You can try out their services for free. Just login to for a fully functional free trial.


Enjoy the cloud with a different Vendor!

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